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Talent Wars...How will you win?

Talent wars

Good news, your business is booming and you need more specialist talent!

“let’s stick out some adverts and get hiring”

The obligatory company LinkedIn post goes out (liked immediately by Jane in accounts). 

You follow up with some generic job board postings. I mean Indeed has 100 Billion candidates after all, right.

You pitch the job like you are selling a Car using the instruction manual… 

‘Due to continued growth, we are hiring’

Cool story.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity’ 

Is it Really?!?

You wait……and you wait. 

Where are all the great applicants clambering to join your company?


The inconvenient Truth

Let’s break down a few things for you to consider...

  • Sadly your 500, 5k or 50k followers aren’t all seeing your posts and nor are they actively looking for new ‘opportunities’. Diversify your approach. 

  • Your ‘opportunity’ doesn’t sound like much of an opportunity. Let me guess, no salary mentioned and a few words about what YOU NEED followed by ‘NO AGENCIES’. Put yourself in a candidate's shoes, would this actually appeal to you? 

  • Active vs Passive. Most of the best candidates with the skills you need are not actively looking but MIGHT be interested to hear about SPECIFIC opportunities…So what the heck does that mean?

  • ^Here’s what it means…The candidates you want are unlikely to go applying and approaching you about your ‘fantastic opportunity’. In a competitive market, seek a trusted recruiting partner or resource to attract and nurture candidates.  

  • You need good candidates more than they need you. Act accordingly.

  • You are too slow. We know you are busy BUT you are in a competition. You just can’t see your competitors. Act fast and thank us later.  

  • You can’t do it all yourself. You can try and bumble through yourself but if you are seeking growth and/or in a competitive market it isn’t sustainable. Seek trusted recruiting partner or resource. Don’t save a penny to cost yourself a pound. 

There are SO many things that will help you maximise your success to attract talent, no matter the size of your company. Whether you are partnering with Jobsocks or not, Feel free to reach out if you are having specific challenges. 

Happy Hiring!


No recruiters. No waffle. 

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